About Us

Dawson Invests is the first-ever investment club at Dawson College. Created in 2021, the club is entirely operated by its elected student officers and is one of the fastest-growing clubs at Dawson College.

Our Mission

The club’s mission is to teach and encourage smart and ethical investing in a fun yet informative way. Investing allows an individual to grow their wealth and be in charge of their personal finances. This can have significant consequences on an individual’s future and thus makes investing a very important skill that all individuals should learn if they want to facilitate a healthy, happy, and successful life.

Our Values


As a non-profit group, we put importance on being transparent regarding the operations of the club. This includes the way that elections are held for the officer positions, the way that the club's budget is spent, the way that the club invests, etc. Learn more about our commitment to transparency on our transparency page.


Dawson Invests is open to all Dawson College students and the essence of the club is not having any limiting factors in its membership. This means that students of all experience levels and of all programs can join the club and will benefit from it. We strive to provide an enriching experience to the club's beginner and experienced members alike because we want everyone to gain value from their membership with the club. We're interested in all sorts of investments and stay open-minded.


As an academic club run by students, we believe that everyone can benefit from learning, and we commit to educating the next generation of investors in an impactful way. We believe in learning through real, hands-on experience, exploring different topics, and sharing knowledge.


Having fun is a value that you'll find in everything that we do. We like to throw fun events and even give out prizes to provide an engaging experience for all of our members. This allows us to enhance the student life at Dawson College in a unique way when compared to traditional education.

Dawson College

Proudly founded by and for Dawson College students interested in investments.

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